The 3 Elements of Hip Hop Culture: Attitude, Art, and Rhyme

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If there was anything that served to be a reminder of how powerful music is, it would be the cultural phenomena that surrounded different genres. Today, we will be looking at the three elements of hip hop culture.


Hip Hop Music

This music genre has its roots solely tied to the African American community. It sprung around 1970 and was the start of a new cultural phenomenon. Hip Hop music was identified through its stylized beats and often jumping rhythm.

Rap as a form of singing was also introduced because of hip hop.



The powerful think about music is that it can give birth to an entire movement or culture. Hip Hop is one such example. In fact, Hip Hop culture is still pretty much alive today. Here are three elements of Hip Hop that you may recognize:



Hip Hop as a music form did stem from the African Americans. The time when it was born also played a big part on how it affected the attitude of the people that established it. The times were tough and it required tough men to survive it.

Hip Hop was all about being as tough as nails and reflecting it in the way you acted, spoke, and carried yourself. Their posture was low key meant to intimidate and to convey the message that they should not be messed with. The black community was sick and tired of being disenfranchised and taken advantage of—this bled through in the attitude that Hip Hop carried.



Hip Hop was not just about the attitudes or the music. It was also a celebration of a new kind of art. Graffiti, while was once thought to be a nuisance, is now a fully recognized form of art.



Breaking away from the more popular tunes of disco and swing, Hip Hop brought about that felt meatier and had more punch. The beats were something completely new and very indicative of the frustration and the underlying anger that the black communities carried. The beats and the rhythm was not just in the music, it was in the style of dance that came along with Hip Hop. Break dancing introduced a new kind of rhythm to the world.

You only need to take a look and you will easily see any of the three elements of Hip Hop no matter where you go.


To Close

Hip Hop is more than just music. It is a lifestyle that has been embraced by millions all over the world. The culture transcends more than just the beat and the tempo or the bombs of truth that the lyrics spring unto people. Hip Hop empowered those in urban areas to carve out their sense of identity and sense of self.

This was extremely important during the 80s when the vestiges of racism were being swept away by positive movements. What’s wonderful about this culture is that it even transcends race. You no longer need to be part of a particular race in order to embrace the lifestyle. Which elements of hip hop did you connect with?


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