Love Hip Hop? Four Hip Hop Movies You Need to Watch!

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Movies are a way to have crash course of sorts into any culture. The world of Hip Hop and its culture are clearly reflected in these four movies that you definitely need to watch. Mind you, the movies we are listing below are not ranked in any way. We chose them because of the ways that the Hip Hp culture are represented and shown to viewers.


Notorious (2009)

Everyone who has ever dabbled in the world of Hip Hop will know who Notorious B.I.G. is. Touted as one of the heroes and icons of the hip hop life and music, this film follows the meteoric rise of Biggie Smalls and how he changed the life of so many around him.

The deeper look into the feuds that were tied with the world of the hip hop industry will also be brought to the forefront. It is a good film to cut your teeth into. The acting is good and the tone that the film carries helps to bring the viewer into the world of one of the hip hop greats.


Juice (1992)

The world and culture of hip hop has always been intertwined in rife and struggle. That is showcased beautifully through this movie. The film follows the tale of four Harlem teens that lived pretty normal, if not wholly irresponsible, lives.

One of the main themes of this film surrounds the hip hop dream of one of the teens. Other than the daily struggles of the four, viewers are treated to an excellent acting performance by Tupac Shakur himself.


8 Mile (2002)

We certainly hope that you did not think that this film would not make this list. 8 Mile is a semi-autobiographical film that follows Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. that is played by one extremely talented Eminem.

We say semi-autobiographical due to the fact that it is heavily inspired by the personal life of Eminem without actually following his personal experiences. This film really goes to show what someone goes through if they do want to break it into the industry. This is a film that goes to show that hip hop is not only for the African Americans and is tied with the urban communities.


Wild Style (1983)

If you were ever going to watch a film that was just oozing with Hip Hop styling, it would have to be this one. It showcases the very early days of the music genre and the subsequent culture that followed its wake.

This film features the likes of Fab 5 Freddy and the other early icons of the genre. If you ever needed a beginner’s guide to the music and the culture, this is the film that you watch. It is a wholly refreshing take on the genre before the drastic changes the followed.


To Close

The movies we have listed above all showcases a glimpse into the different faces that you may encounter in the world of Hip Hop. Like all things, there is no “one size fits all” approach to movies. Each film above tackles a different aspect of the culture and should be reviewed carefully.

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