How Urban Communities Can Help Fight the Negative Hip Hop Stigma

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A lot of urban communities have an entwined relationship with Hip Hop. Today, we will be looking at how they can help fight the negative stigma that Hip Hop has. Through the years, there have been deaths, violence, and general negative connotations given to hip hop and those that are involved in the genre.

It does not really help that hip hop and controversies have been known to go hand in hand. This does not bode well for any of the newer generations who want to get involved with the genre and the lifestyle. Here are a few things that could be done to sweep away the negative stigma:


Boost Community Unity

Before any changes can be had, the community needs to be unified. It would be good for the community to support local organizations that help improve the quality of life for everyone. There are government programs that are dedicated to boosting the local community. People can support these programs in order to boost the speed in which a suburb can improve itself.

Hip hop stemmed from the African American community. That in itself was riddled with strife and hardships. It was not unexpected to find a lot of black communities to be fractured and be full of frustration and anger. This can only continue to affect everyone negatively.


Focus on Education

Hip Hop is music come to life. There are a lot of misconceptions about the genre and the lifestyle that really is not doing anyone any favors. As such, it would be best for communities to help fight the stigma and misconceptions through education.

Education is the key to help provide better futures for communities. When the youth are suitably educated, it ends up as a boon.


Promote the Positives of Hip Hop

Much like any form of music, hip hop is not inherently bad. It is grounded in rhythm and beats. Graffiti also has its links to hip hop. There are so many positives that the culture has that can be promoted instead of being a ‘thug’ or acting like a fool just to seem tough.

Art and dance are also tied with this musical genre. If communities focused on the positive and promoted them amongst the youth, there would be less negative stigma to go around. Everyone has a role to play. There are a great many things about hip hop that can change lives in a positive way. All the youth needs is to see that it can be positive and be exposed to it accordingly.


To Close

There is a lot that urban communities can do to help sweep away the stigma associated with Hip Hop. As many of the future artists that will eventually become involved with the genre are born out of these communities, it would be good sense to be involved in developing a more positive direction. if the movies representing the world of hip hop is anything to go by, urban communities need a lot of work.

In order to suitably attain the change that they need, everyone needs to become involved. What your local urban communities do to fight the negative stigma linked to hip hop?

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