Connectivity at the Touch of a Button: The Many Benefits of Going “Live”

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The technology we have today is pretty great. Video streaming is one of these technological marvels we have today. There are a lot of ways budding artists can benefit from going “Live”.


What is meant by “Going Live”?

If you have any form of social media, you may have received a notification that a friend “is now LIVE”. If you select the notification, you will immediately be transported to a video of your friend. What is special about this particular video is the fact that it is happening in real-time.

Gone are the days of pre-recorded videos for the consumption of friends and loved ones. The technology of today makes it highly possible for people to share where they are, what they are doing—all at the touch of a single button on the screen of their phones or gadgets.



While there are a lot of benefits that going live has for regular individuals, it can do complete wonders for those who are aiming to become musicians. Here are a few of those benefits:


Free marketing

Going LIVE can mean massive exposure for a budding artist. If an artist has a Facebook fan page, going LIVE can serve to be free marketing of their skills and of their brand. Gone are the days where budding artists needed full and professional representation by companies.

Social media now enables artists to enjoy the ease of marketing themselves at very little cost.


Talent showcase

For any artist to become credible, people need to be able to see what you can do live. There are so many artists that sound great on a track or studio recorded single but bomb abominably when it comes to live performances.

Hip hop is a multi-faceted genre that has a lot of options for those that want to break into it. Doing graffiti, rapping, or showing off dance moves through video streaming can really help to boost their credibility as artists!


Audience engagement

For any budding artist, it is important to cultivate a positive relationship with your audience. Going live is a great way to really show them who you are as a person and as an artist. Going live allows viewers to ask questions that the person doing the video to answer directly and instantly.

If you are not sure how to go about a LIVE session, you can try to look up the social media profile of one of your respected celebrities. Sooner or later they will go LIVE and you can be notified about it. Watch the live streaming and use it as a guide for your own live sessions.


To Close

The instant connectivity that video streaming can provided is pretty much unparalleled by anything that has gone before it. The benefits of going live are more that what we have listed above. The way that brands and artists can now engage their audiences has completely changed the way the music industry works.

Take a very good look at the benefits that we have listed above. Which benefits would you like to reap?

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