Xmas Hacks: Easy to Make and Lovely to Gift Digital Mixtapes

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With the Holidays only a month away, it is time to think about what to gift friends and loved ones. Today, we will be looking at how you can make digital mixtapes as gifts. A few months back, we discussed the concept of a mixtape. There were some questions that arose like what would the modern equivalent of a mixtape is.

An easy answer to that question is sharing playlists or actual files on a USB. The issue with this is the fact that unlawful reproduction of music files is theft. This was an issue that had plagued the original form of mixtapes. With the revolution of the digital age, music was made available online but only through specific channels like iTunes. They were also available for streaming services like Spotify.

We recommend that you study up on the copyright applications for iTunes as they may be different from when this article gets published. From what we remember, iTunes has this wiggle room wherein you can replicate a playlist to about seven times provided that you were only using it for personal use. Personal use refers to non-commercial. If you are planning on using the mixtape as a gift, that counts as non-commercial.


To Make a Mixtape:

Create a list of people that you want to gift the mixtape to

This helps to establish who the priorities are and can help you plan how much of the iTunes wiggle room will be consumed.


Create a playlist

Remember, a mixtape needs to have a message. One of the ways you can go about it is by choosing songs that form a complete sentence. A good example of this was the first time that Taylor Swift pulled her songs out from streaming services. Spotify responded by making a mixtape to win her back.


Save the playlist to a USB

There are a lot of affordable USBs available in the market today. There is a lot of novelty ones and you can even get one that looks like an actual cassette tape. Do not forget to label the USB so you remember who it will be going to. This is why novelty USB sticks come in handy as they can appear in different forms and easy to differentiate from each other.



It is as easy as that. Just save, store, and gift! It’s a fairly easy process and the longest bit is deciding what song goes to which person.


To Close

Choosing to make mixtapes for loved ones and friends is a pretty good idea all around. You help to support the artists that create the music. You provide a really personal gift that puts your feelings to the forefront. You help to keep alive a lovely tradition that stemmed from a desire to share music and connect with other people.

You can make the Holidays extra special with a “digital” mixtape. As early as now, you can think of the people who you want to give mixtapes to. What songs would you like to share?

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